Korschenbroich/Germany 1746-1820 Paris, active since 1777

Writing desk

Amboyana wood, gilt bronze mounts, hardly gilt and patinated
Four bronze patinated legs in the form of sphinxes attributed to Pierre-Philippe Thomire (1751-1843)
Paris Directoire 1795-1799
Height: 76.5 cm, width: 153 cm, depth: 78 cm


This desk with four filigree bronze legs has three drawers and two pull-out boards at the sides. The main motif here are the winged sphinxes serving as caryatides.

During the Classicist period, Egyptian-style sphinxes were a popular artistic motif that acquired currency in Europe, especially as a result of Napoleonic research expeditions to Egypt. In the 18th century, the sphinx was seen as a symbol of eternity, immortality and the enigmatic.