Silver-gilt, niello, lapis-lazuli, applied with hardstone and
amethyst cameos after the antique, some set with rubies
Médard Mention (Paris 1785-1849) and
Charles Wagner (Berlin 1799-1841 Paris)

Paris 1832-1838
Length: 31.7 cm, weight: 7952 g
in original fitted red leather case

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Hermann Ratzersdorfer

(Vienna, active pre-1845-1894)

Rock crystal plate 'Amphitrite'
Silver-gilt mounts, translucid and opaque Enamel, in the centre a gold badge depicting Amphitrite,  the goddess of the sea
Vienna ca. 1875
Diameter: 25 cm

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Hermann Böhm

(Vienna/Austria active 1866-1922)

Drinking vessel in form of the magic bird " Roc" and Sindbad the Sailor
Silver-gilt, enamel, lapislazuli, precious stones, pearls
Vienna/Austria ca. 1890
Height: 38 cm

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Centrepiece in the shape of a ship

Honorary gift to Edmund Probst
(Kaufbeuren 1855-1918 Immenstadt)

Silver, parcel-gilt, gemstones
Munich ca. 1907
Design: Georg Vogt und Eduard Steinicken

Execution: Steinicken & Lohr (active 1897-1924) 

on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of

the Immenstadt cord factory
Height: 90 cm, weight: 5242 g

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