Group of mourners

Mary, John and three women
Linden wood, coloured frame
Leipzig/ Saxony ca. 1480-90
Height: 75 cm

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Leonhard Kern

(Forchtenberg 1588 - 1662 Schwäbisch Hall)

Putto figure of a girl
Wood; Statuette and base are carved from a single piece of wood.
ca. 1635/40
Height: 23.5 cm

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Pietro Francavilla

(Pierre de Francqueville; Cambrai 1548-1615 Paris)

Saturn devouring his children
Modell: Florence/Genoa ca. 1585
Execution: France 17th century
Height: 47.9 cm

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Jacob Dobbermann

(Danzig 1682-1745 Kassel)

Bust of Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
Monogram on the back: JD/fe
Height: 13.8 cm

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Landolin Ohmacht

(Dunningen 1760-1834 Strasbourg)

Relief Mother and child
ca. 1800
Signed: L: Ohnmacht
Dimensions: 21.5 x 15.5 cm

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Napoleon Bonaparte

France 19th century
After a modell by Claude Ramey (1754-1838)
and the bust by Antoine-Denis Chaudet ( 1763-1810)  Louvre, Paris
Height: 55 cm, width: 36 cm, depth: 27 cm

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Christian Daniel Rauch

(Arolsen 1777-1857 Dresden)

Tsar Alexander I. (1777-1825)
Berlin ca. 1815-1820
Height: 62 cm

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Luigi Bienaimé

(Cararra 1795-1878 Rome)

Bust of Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann,
the German physician and founder of homeopathy (Meissen 1755 – 1843 Paris)
Rome dated 1821
Signed and dated on the back: L. Bienaimé f. Roma 1821
Height: 51 cm

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