Six-arm girandole

made for the First Exhibition of the

Deutscher Werkbund in Cologne 1914

Silver, moonstone, rock crystal

Design: Helene Lock-Brandt (Plauen 1879 - 1950 Heilbronn)

Execution: Peter Bruckmann & Sons, Heilbronn, ca. 1914

Model no.: 11770, height: 54 cm, weight: 2680 g

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Ewer and basin

Silver, punched, engraved
Halle a.d. Saale 1709
August Hosse (master 1657-1732)
Marks on the helmet-shaper ewer and basin:  master’s mark and hallmark dating from the 18th century, AH master’s mark for August Hosse and letter B for the year 1709
Height of ewer: 20.5 cm, dimensions of bassin: 44.5 x 33.5 cm, total weight: 1,180 g

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Silver, gilt on the inside
Osnabrück ca. 1730
Georg Hermann Pölking (master 1714-1753)
Height: 32 cm, width (overall): 34 cm, depth: 21 cm, weight: 2380 g

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Tureen and pair of saucières
from the court silver of the Kingdom of Württemberg

Silver, gilt on the inside

Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg ca. 1845/46

Louis Bührer (active in Ludwigsburg 1840-1860)
and Konrad Christ. Hermann (born 1810, master in Stuttgart since 1842)

Tureen: diameter: 38 cm, weight: 6600 g
Saucières: length: 24.5 cm, height: 14 cm, weight: 975 g each

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Pair of candelabras

Execution: Peter Bruckmann & Söhne
Heilbronn ca. 1907-1908
Design: Adolf Amberg (Hanau 1874-1913 Berlin)
Model no.: 9767, master craftsman no.: „13“
Height: 61 cm, weight: 4332 g

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Three tureens with présentoirs

Silver, cast, chased, cut, engraved, polished
Vienna 1788
Ignaz Sebastian Würth (born 1746, master 1768 - 1834, “Court Silversmith”)
Round tureen diameter : 37 cm; oval tureens length: 38 cm, présentoirs: 54 and 45 cm

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